Articles & Publications

“Guadalcanal Proved Experimentation Works”
Naval History Magazine, December 2017, Vol. 31, No. 6
Second Place Winner in the Chief of Naval Operations Naval History Essay Contest (Currently behind paywall)

U.S. Navy Surface Battle Doctrine and Victory in the Pacific
Naval War College Review, Winter 2009, Vol. 62, No. 1
Winner of the Edward S. Miller History Prize and the Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller Prize

’Give Them Hell!’: The US Navy’s Night Combat Doctrine and the Campaign for Guadalcanal
War in History, April 2006, Vol. 13, No. 2 (Currently behind paywall)

The Evolution of Fleet Tactical Doctrine in the U.S. Navy, 1922-1941
The Journal of Military History, October 2003, Vol. 67, No. 4 (Currently behind paywall)

Building a Doctrine: U.S. Naval Tactics and Battle Plans in the Interwar Period
International Journal of Naval History, October 2002, Vol. 1, No. 2

“High Speed Thoroughbreds: The US Navy’s Lexington class Battle Cruiser Designs”
Warship 2011, Conway Publishing (2011)

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